About Negros Breeders

Negros Breeders is a compilation of feature stories done by Ma. Sigrid Dugeno-Lo about the game fowl breeders of Negros Occidental and other parts of the Philippines.

These are existing stories that have been published in the past but were all written by the author. It is the writer’s desire to have an online resource for breeders, cockers, financiers, and buyers of fighting cocks not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

Should you wish to be featured in this site, feel free to send me an e-mail at sigroid75@gmail.com. I would appreciate contributions here like derby schedules as well as monetary donations for the upkeep of this site. You contact Sigrid Lo at (0920) 955-0771 should you have concerns.

Disclaimer: The author is not compensated by any company in producing this website. If you want to support this site financially, please contact the author directly either through her mobile, through e-mail, or by leaving a comment in this website.

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4 Responses to About Negros Breeders

  1. thank you so much

  2. Lordencio Lequeron Jr.

    Ang ganda,,,,,

  3. good morning i’m a small breeder of gamefowl here in manila my farm is in the mountains of nagcarlan laguna. it is a great help for a small breeders to have a site like this. please post some gamefowl health and nutrition tips plus breeding and conditioning tips. i know negrenses are still the best gamefowl conditioners.

  4. ok Mr. Capinpin, I will really put more attention to my site. thanks for the visit.

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